Tips on Designing A Workout Room In Your Next Home Project

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One of the most popular New Year’s Resolution is of course, to lose weight.  So this year why not design a superb workout room for your next home project? Not only will it help you burn all those extra calories, it will also promote a healthy lifestyle among all family members. So whether you’re an amateur, a fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete, a well equipped workout room is an absolute must-have.

But designing the perfect place to exercise is easier said than done. Choosing the right devices and accessories, creating space, maintaining proper ventilation and adding a classy finish can provide a challenge. However we’re here to make the process much simpler, with our handy tips on designing a fantastic workout room for your next home project.

1.  Keep It Simple: Don’t buy every piece of gym equipment that you can lay your hands on. A treadmill, a yoga mat, some dumbbells are great for starters. Search online for those discounted versions of all-in-one gym sets and do your research well. Think about the type of exercises you will do. Do you have a specific purpose, say bodybuilding in mind? Buy the equipment dependant upon your health needs.

2. Add A Mirror: A mirror is a great way to motivate yourself. Plus, as you get to see your own reflection you’ll know if you’re stretching the right way or maintaining the right yoga posture. A must-have for those who do not have a fitness trainer. Also, if your workout space is pretty small, a mirror can give the illusion of a larger room.

3. Make It Informal: It isn’t a professional gym. So don’t be too serious. Have fun with the decorations, and add elements you are fond of that might lighten up the atmosphere. Bring in some indoor plants. Light candles or some quirky lights. Use a polka-dotted yoga mat.

4. Clutter-Free Is The Key: Don’t make your gym space too crowded. Make sure there’s plenty of space to stretch your limbs, jump about, do your cardios and unleash the child in you. Always remember that a large uncluttered space makes an excellent dance floor.

5. Decorate The Walls With Motivational Posters: Add a retro touch. Or look up some inspiring quotes on the internet and make your own posters. Alternatively, you can hunt thrift shops for some rare finds or raid old magazines. Put items that inspire and motivate you in the vicinity, so as to remind you of your healthy goals.

6. Be Innovative: Are you fond of swimming? Invest in an indoor pool. Do you love the outdoors, the smell of grass and the shining sun on your face? Design a workout space in the garden. Be creative and explore DIY options.

7. Make sure you incorporate some equipment to help you stretch, warm up, and also keep recovery in mind like. Here are some great resources for equipment like this:

So what are you waiting for? Brainstorm your ideas with your friends and family, plan a budget and get set going. After all, it’s good health that’s the greatest wealth anyone can possess.

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